Fees List & Explanations regarding Auctions

Purchasing Fees:

Purchasing fee for gross priced auctions 2,5% of knockdown price, min. 225,00 €
Purchasing fee for net priced auctions 2,975% of knockdown price, min. 250,00 €
Handling fee for vehicle documents 20,00 €

Supplier/Vendor Fees:

Supply fee for vehicles up to  3,5 t 50,00 €
Vending fee for gross priced auctions 2,35% % of knockdown price, min. 200,00 €
Vending fee for net priced auctions 2,8% % of knockdown price, min. 220,00 €

Transportation nationwide (for Germany)
From the auction4you locations and also from all decentralized locations:

Standard sized car 250,00 €
SUV / VAN (e.g. Tiguan, Touran, Zafira, usw.) 280,00 €
Commercial vehicle On Demand


Refuel (max. 5 Liter) when insufficiently filled 20,00 €
Standing fee for delayed pick-up (per day) 10,00 €
Creation of vehicle registration certificate (on demand) 96,00 €
Order COC Document at Cost

All fees apply per vehicle plus the currently applicable VAT. Regarding deliveries in line with § 25a UstG (differential taxation) the additional fees as part of the purchasing price according to legal regulations are understood as gross prices (no displayed identification of VAT).

Gross prices include 19% German VAT. Net prices exclude the German statutory value added tax.

(Last updated: 19.03.2020)