FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Auction?

An auction is a process in which the highest bid enables the bidder to execute the purchase. Auction4you offers regularly scheduled auctions for used vehicles (every Tuesday and Thursday). Only registered and approved car dealers can participate in the auctions.

What does live-web, web&live and 24/7 Auctions mean?

  • Live-Web-Online Auction: You can comfortably access the auction platform and participate from in- or outside of the office with your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to an innovative and user-friendly auction display, you can not only see the cars and their full condition reports, but also hear the auctioneer in real time.
  • Web&Live Auction: These auctions take place parallelly Online and Offline. You can chose to participate Live in our Auction Hall or Online from wherever you are at that moment.
  • 24/7 Auction: This auction only takes place online, without a physical auctioneer and within a specific time frame, which is announced beforehand.

Which kind of vehicles do we offer?

At auction4you you will surely find what you are looking for. We offer a wide range of used vehicles including all brands and models. We mostly deal with financed or leasing car returns, as well as annual vehicles, rental car returns or trade-in cars from famous brands and well-known car dealers.

Who can participate in our Auctions?

Only commercial vehicle dealers with proof of business registration. Unfortunately, you can’t participate if you are a private citizen without a valid business license.

How can I register my company?

You can register yourself online by using our Registration Form on our Homepage. Of course, you can also contact us via telephone or E-Mail, and we assist you in the process.

Which documents are needed for the registration?

The following documents are necessary to activate your account:

  • Company Registration
  • Passport / ID copy
  • Power of attorney and ID copy (if the purchasing employee is not the company owner)
  • VAT identification number

What happens after the registration?

After your registration an internal validation process takes place to ensure all you documents are complete and your company is currently active. After our successful check-up process, you will receive our confirmation including your Login Details. You can immediately start participating in our auctions and place your bid, once you received our e-mail.

When and where are the auctions taking place?

Our auctions are always scheduled at the same time: Every Tuesday and Thursday at 11 am and 2 pm. This way, you can properly plan your purchases and always be prepared for the next auction.

Our Auctions offer you a high amount of flexibility, as you participate in the auction from wherever you are and secure the vehicles which are most relevant for you at that time. During our web&live auctions, we would love to welcome you personally as our guest!

How long does an auction take?

Depending on the number of vehicles, an auction can take between one and four hours. If your time is limited and you cannot be present during the entire auction, you can also place your maximum bid beforehand.

What is a Brand Mix Auction?

A Brand-Mix Auction is an Online Auction in which vehicles from various brands and various suppliers are offered.

What is a Leasing Exclusive Auction?

A Leasing Exclusive Auction is an Online Auction during which Leasing Cars Returns from various brands are auctioned.

I am currently outside of the office. Can I participate in the auction anyways?

Yes. Thanks to our easily accessible Auction Screen, you can participate through your smartphone or tablet from wherever you are at the time.

What is a bid agent?

If you happen to be busy during our Auction, the bid agent will be your reliable helper to purchase the vehicles, which are most relevant to you. You can enter your maximum bid beforehand and the bid agent will place your bids for you until your maximum amount is reached. With a little bit of luck, you remain the highest bidder. If the minimum amount due for the vehicle (depending on the seller) is reached at the same time, the vehicle can be yours! If the minimum amount is not covered, the vehicle will be reserved for you. We will contact you after the auction and do our best to find a way to satisfy both you and the supplier.

Can I participate with my smartphone or tablet?

Yes. Thanks to our easily accessible Auction Screen, you can participate through your smartphone or tablet from wherever you are at the time.

Can I take a look at the vehicles prior to the auction?

Yes, you can see every vehicle including their condition reports prior to the auction.

What is a condition report?

It is a report about the current condition and origin of the vehicle. The condition report includes all technical information, pictures of the vehicle and if necessary, also a documentation of any damages.

Can I see the starting prices beforehand?

Yes, during our brand-specific auctions, the starting prices are usually published prior to the auctions. These prices are indicators for you, so you know the minimum price the suppliers would like to reach for each vehicle.

How safe is it to purchase vehicles online through auction4you?

We invest vast amounts into the safety of our IT-facilities each year, so our customers can purchase the vehicles safely through us. Our Homepage is protected through various safety measures and programs, as well as the standardized encryption protocol SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

Can I also purchase vehicles after the auction has ended?

You are interested in one or more vehicles but missed the online auction? No need to worry! You can always contact us via +49 2421 5549 0 and we will make you a competitive offer for the vehicles that did not get sold during our auction.

What happens if I am the highest bidder for one or more vehicles?

If you were the highest bidder on a vehicle of your choice, you will receive an invoice from us, which will be due instantaneously. As soon as your payment has come through, we will inform you about the approximate time and date that your vehicle is ready for pick-up. You can then choose whether you would like to make use of our “Transportation Special” or whether you pick it up independently.

When and how much do I have to pay?

The amount due is a combination of the net purchasing price of the vehicle and an additional 2.975 % purchasing fee, as well as 20 € document handling fees. If your company is registered in Germany, your invoice will also include 19 % VAT (value added tax).

Do I receive a net or gross invoice?

If your company is registered in Germany and your billing address is also German, you will receive a gross invoice. If your company is located outside of the country but part of the European Union, the invoice will show net prices. For companies outside of the EU, the invoice will include the German VAT. After your vehicle has reached its destination, you can apply for a reimbursement through the country of destination.

When and where can I pick up my vehicle?

Right after you have received the pick-up slip through us, the vehicle is ready for to be picked up anytime during our regular office hours. You can also use our “Transport Special“ Service and we deliver the vehicle straight to your location.

Can auction4you help me with the relocation of the purchased vehicle?

Yes, of course we can help you with the relocation. You can make use of our “Transport Special” Service and just let us take care of the logistics.

Does auction4you offer any other services?

We are professionals in remarketing of used vehicles. Furthermore, we offer smart repair, storage, creation of condition reports, evaluation, revenue estimation and individual marketing. Just contact us, and we are happy to assist you with any matters.

Do I have the right to claim a refund?

Yes. As our client you have the right to claim, according to our conditions of purchase.

Why should I purchase vehicles at auction4you?

auction4you offers you various benefits:

  • exclusive car dealer auctions
  • vehicle purchases at attractive dealer prices
  • great selection of used vehicles
  • fixed auction dates for simplified planning
  • current and detailed condition reports
  • supreme multilingual customer service
  • online auctions with real auctioneers
  • transport specials
  • right to claim
  • free and quick registration